We are totally committed to quality in every aspect of our work and believe in the importance of maintaining an effective working quality assurance scheme.

This improves client confidence in us, our performance and high level of service, and helps us to achieve the highest standards of construction.

Our internal quality management system is based on the ISO system, and helps us to monitor quality standards, ensuring that clients’ needs are continually met.

Design Process

Our project staff work closely with the design team to ensure a consistent flow of information throughout the design process. Project specifications are treated as minimum standards required by the client and we always try to offer recommendations and/or alternative solutions for practical and economic reasons wherever possible.

We believe that this sharing of our expertise often saves the client money, but it is never at the expense of, or compromises, design quality.

Once information is created, whether drawings, schedules or written specifications, our project manager reviews them for accuracy, buildability and economy. Any discrepancies are filed in writing to the design team and, if any further information or clarification is required, a technical query sheet is issued.

Procurement & Supply Chain

We strongly believe that the procurement of quality goods and the use of the best, experienced specialist subcontractors are absolutely fundamental to the achievement of the highest construction standards.

Over many years we have established good, strong relationships with a wide range of trusted subcontractors and suppliers; a network that we are continually expanding to ensure that competitiveness is maintained and a wide range of skills are readily available.

The fabrication of materials, components and equipment is reviewed regularly at production meetings held with subcontractors and suppliers. Members of our project staff also periodically visit the premises of key contractors to verify the status and progress of off-site fabrication to ensure programme requirements will be met.

Construction Phase

Our experienced project managers are responsible for the day-to-day implementation of company policy regarding quality control and assurance. They inspect and approve all materials and workmanship through a process of:

  • Submission of samples and inspection of off-site fabrication works as and when necessary.
  • Ongoing close monitoring of the permanent and temporary works and sample testing, where appropriate. Independent and reputable organisations are selected to carry out this process, in liaison with our professional team.
  • Site inspection checklists are used to identify any snagging items, which are noted on the checklist for correction.

The CDM regulations have helped enormously with the process of quality control and all of our team are constantly aware of their responsibilities during the design and build phases. Our adoption of more consultation and constructive thinking helps us to ‘build it right first time’ and avoid any problem areas, therefore reducing the potential for any maintenance problems.